Friday, October 21, 2011

Feet {Guest post by Cindi}

Hi My Dears,

You are probably wondering why the title is "Feet". Huh?

Well, you see, we have had so many adventures with those two little( or big) guys.

I know I have had lots of wonderful,bad,fun,not so fun, happy, sad, angry,adventurous, and amazing times in my feet.

I remember my feet were with me when I was very nervous before a race.

I remember my feet were very useful during my race.

and I remember being thankful for my feet for helping me after the race.

They're always right there with me and you.

Through the......

Good memories of laughing, singing,dancing, and running.

Bad times, that we wish would end sooner.

Times when we're nervous.

Exciting moments, that are never to be forgotten.

Boring days.

and last but not least when creativity springs into action.

The credit for my feet goes to the Most High God! He has done so much for me and has blessed me so much with ( guess what I am going to say) my feet! :))

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much, JesusChick, for having me guest post! :))

About Author:

The Lord is the most important thing in my life. I LOVE my family soo much! I also love.... writing, fall, curling up in a blanket, bon fires, photography, drawing, swinging on my swing(of course), running around bare footed, cupcakes, tea, anything antiques and dreaming of the day when I find a time machine and get to go back to the 40s.

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{P.S. Have an amazingly, wonderful day!}


  1. You are EXTREMELY welcome my sweet friend! :D

    By the way, we MUST set up a date for our ninja tea party ;) teehee!

  2. Nice guest post Cindi! Love the pictures! :)


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