Tuesday, October 18, 2011


~Listening to~ Jump Then Fall by Taylor Swift

~Munching on~ ....Nothing

~Feeling at the moment~ Relief

~Why that feeling~ I just finished getting everything ready for my high school credits *whoop whoop!*

~Excited about~ I would say soccer practice tonight but I think we are not going due to rain (GO AWAY RAIN). On another note, I now have 31 followers! :D Thank y'all so much!

~Laughing at~ This picture :)

(I totally wanna be at this ninja tea party)

~Surprised about~ That this one guy at this 4H Halloween party last night actually remembered my name...

~Anything else~ I want funky socks for Christmas! :D Oh and Pastah J had his son last Monday :) Sorry I haven't posted this sooner, things have been so hectic for me and I keep forgetting to! *stands in corner* Imma bad girl

~Peace, love, and cheesy nachos (YUM)~

P.S. You are all invited to my epic awesome ninja party, I do hope you can attend :) 'Twill be totally amazing.


  1. Yes,Yes, Yes, I am coming to the Ninja tea party!

  2. WHOO!!! :D Since you're coming, it should be awesome then ;)


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