Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sugar high, anyone?

{Warning: This post is not for anyone who is on a diet or does not like sugar. Thank you}

One of my homeschool friends had her slumber birthday party yesterday. And of course, if you have a party in October, its got to have Halloween candy and foods ;)

Big bowls of candy? Check. You can't have a party without them!

Weenies? Oh yes, check.

Chocolate. Need I say more?

Yummy spider web cupcakes

Cutest little mummy cupcakes I had EVER seen? Check.

Owl cupcake ♥ Too darn adorable.

Anyone hungry yet? Teehee

Oh and this picture right here:

Is my entry to Sophie's Photo contest :)


Wish me luuuuuck! :)

~Peace, Love and Dump Trucks filled with SKITTLES~


  1. OH WOW! THIS DID MAKE ME WANT SUGAR! And cool pictures!!!!!!

  2. Yum!!! Now I'm craving sugar, and the photo thing on my blog is fixed! Thanks for telling me!


    {P.S. I'm now following you!!!}

  3. No problem! :D

    (P.S. Thank youuuuuu!!!! :DDD )

  4. ahhhh! they all loook soooooo yummy!!!! :D:D

  5. ooh, now I'm craving sugar!... and those little hot dogs wrapped up in crescent rolls! :) Those are the best!

  6. Oh I totally agree with you Lou! Those things are seriously amazing :)

  7. if you want to still access my blog, I'll need your email. it's a long story. email me at thanks

  8. Hey!
    Thanks for checking out my blog and following ;)
    I followed you too now!
    Love your blog, and this post! Yum ;)

  9. Thank yah, thank yah, thank yah Rebekah! :)))

  10. Love all those cool Halloween cupcakes! Very creative! :)

  11. mmm... drooling. so is this your main blog? your profile led to a lotta links ^.- loving it!

  12. Yes this is my main blog, I'm so sorry for the confusion!


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