Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why can I never think of a title?

I fail at naming my posts.

But whateverz teehee :)

The lazertag and bowling yesterday were AWESOME. I failed at lazertag...I mostly just ran around squeeling trying not to get shot. It didn't work so well. It was dark and *ahem* I don't like the dark that much. I get jittery (more than usual) and things will scare me.

Bowling? I think I placed 3rd which is not bad at all considering that during the first half of our game, I didn't know how to bowl correctly.

The birthday girl and I ended up getting bumpers for our rounds (the things in front of the gutters so that the ball won't go into them) Pssh forget that the little kids next to us had them also, we were rocking out with those things ;)

Oh, I kicked butt at air hockey hehe >:D Man, I love that game.

I had the best time with my friends (and new friends) and I just want to take the time to give a birthday shout out to my awesome "purple buddy" :)

Well, I said I would talk about Eli...and I am a girl of my word. All of my camper buddies know my youth pastor (lovingly nicknamed Pastah J). Now then, tonight (hopefully if all goes well) his newest son Eli will be born :) If y'all could, it'd be awesome if you could pray that everything runs smoothly.

~Peace, love, potatos and yarn that is the color of a John Deere tractor~

P.S. Do y'all have any tips for lazertag and/or bowling? If you do, they'd be really appreciated :P


  1. Hey! Pastah J will be in our prayers :D I AM HAPPY :D

    Do you want me to re-design your blog header and such to where it's a sports theme?
    Sophie ;D

  2. I am too! :D

    No you don't have to, I am already so happy that you made me my penguin one :) If you want to then I'd be delighted but seriously, you don't have to :)

  3. You may not be awesome at thinking of post titles (believe me, I'm not either) but you are good at ending your posts! I mean, potatoes yarn the color of a John Deere tractor?!? Genius! XD

  4. @ Sam: PAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! XD You just made me laugh so hard I almost hit the floor! Thanks for considering me a genius! :D

    @Sophie: Well...if you wanna that's cool with me but I really do like mine for now :) Maybe after a while, if I want to switch it up for a little bit, you could make me a new one then or something :) No pressure or anything, you do it whenever you have time. I don't want you working yourself way too hard on these blogger layouts anf then you end up getting sick of it.

  5. Lazer tag is very easy go to home base and shoot your gun at that stay at that and you are not supposed to get shot. Or go into a corner and sqaut down. :)

    Bowling I use bumpers too. But only the Awsomly Cool people use them. People who don't are not awsomly cool like us.

    I am not great at naming my blog titles either. but nice ending.

    I'm praying for your pastor for every-thing to run smoothly.

  6. I can never seem to remember that and I just run around like a nutjob shooting random people and almost always missing. Oh well, I still had fun :)

    Oh yes, we are totally awesomely cool teehee >:D

  7. Haha, when i bowl I need those bumpers thingies too! I actually haven't been in so long! :) Sounds like you had fun! And I'll pray for everything to go smoothly with Eli's birth!


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