Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tadaaa! I am still here!

Y'all I totally need something to blog about.

Maybe I will talk about soccer...

Well, its fun. Not much I can say about it since we don't have games yet. I'm on the same team with my bestest guy-friend and his brother so 'tis all awesomeness :)

How about school?

Yeaaaahhhh I don't really think you guys want me to blab on about how I'm getting all A's in my classes and everything. That and I'd totally feel conceited if I did. *covers my eyes* :(

Awesome shirts that are totally on my Christmas list?

I hope you can read this ^ one because its my fave :)

Enough said.


Yup! I'm extremely excited! One of my buddies invited me to go lazertag-ing with her and some of our other friends today and I am preparing to whoop behind >:D Just kidding, I've only played once in my entire life but hey, its a game and I just want to have fun.


Eeehhh, I'll talk about that later and leave y'all in suspense *laughs evilly* All I will tell you is that he is a boy :P

~Peace, love, yogi bear and pic-a-nic baskets~


  1. I am obsessed with those shirts!!! They are amazingg!!!! :)))

    Cindi@ Cotton Candy Clouds

  2. Haha, neat t-shirts! Very unique! :)


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