Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strawberries are da BOMB!

Are you cold yet? I am. Freezing, is more like it though. I'm not a cold weather person. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather be cold than hot any day.

My favorite thing to do this time of year is to drink very chocolate-y hot cocoa from my coffee mug that has *wait...waaaaaaaait...* a penguin on it (wow I totally just shocked you, didn't I?).

Moving swiftly along, last night I had an awesome time at my best friend's house. Him and I played soccer (real soccer) watched him play soccer (video game soccer) and listened to him try and teach me all of the names for the pro-soccer teams and all that jazz.

Yeaaahhhhh I didn't retain much. *hides in a corner*

I absolutely, positively LOVE soccer. I've been playing since I was little, but I'm not even good at remembering people's name that I know, how in the world am I supposed to remember names of people that 1) Sound extremely funky and 2) I've never met and I most likely never will.

Anyways, we laughed, we almost fell off a couch (from someone tilting it! *glares at best friend*), we listened to tobymac and Justin Bieber (just to annoy him MWAHAHAHA!) and of course, we ate yummy food. I had some broccoli! :) Gosh I love broccoli.

I love another food also. I'm the doodling type. I'll doodle almost anything anywhere I can find a blank spot on paper. This was from my U.S. History book yesterday:

Goodness, February needs to get here so I can consume vast amounts of the local strawberries!

I'm in LOVE with strawberries. Give me a strawberry, I'll be your friend for life. Anyone with me?

Well that is all my lovelies :)

~Peace, Love, British accents and Oreo cookies~


  1. Haha glad I could put a smile on someone's face! :)

  2. oh, would you like to be interviewed on my blog?

  3. Sure! :D I'd be honored to be interviewed on your blog!

  4. Strawberries are DA BOMB!!! Haha! :))


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